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First use of bacteriological agents in armed conflict during European
Tartar wars.

Smallpox infected blankets given to Indians sparking deadly epidemics
during North American French and Indian wars.

Japan starts secret bio-weapons program in Manchuria, Unit 731 and
begins human testing on Chinese prisoners.

British government begins experimenting with anthrax bombs
contaminating Gruinard Island off the coast of Scotland.

US bio-weapons program launched at Camp Detrick, Maryland.

Soviets threaten to use bio-weapons for mass destruction in future

President Nixon announces unilateral ban on all US bio-weapons
research and development, except for defensive use.

103 nations sign the Biological Weapons Convention, banning all
development of offensive bio-weapons.

White Rhodesian Special Forces begin using biological agents,
including cholera and plague, against civilians and black nationalist
guerrillas fighting for independence.

Largest anthrax outbreak in history begins in Rhodesia - killing over
300 civilians and infecting more than 10,000. Biological attack by Rhodesian
Special Forces using British developed anthrax is suspected.

Steven Hatfill (later to become the FBI's prime suspect in the
2001 US anthrax attacks) serves as a mercenary with Rhodesian Special Forces and later begins to study medicine under the head of Rhodesian
bio-warfare program.

Two Soviet military advisors working with black Zimbabwean
nationalist forces are killed by anthrax poisoning in Zambia.

Mysterious explosion at top secret Soviet bio-weapons lab in Sverdlovsk releases anthrax that kills at least 66 people.

Following the capitulation of white rule Rhodesia becomes the
independent black ruled nation of Zimbabwe - hundreds of Rhodesian
Special Forces and the head of the Rhodesian bio-weapons program
emigrate to neighboring South Africa - the last bastion of white
power on the continent.

South African government begins Project Coast, its secret bio-weapons
program, headed by "Doctor Death" Wouter Basson . It soon becomes one of the most advanced programs in the world using custom made bio-weapons against opponents of apartheid.

Basson tours Britain's top secret bio-weapons laboratory,
at Porton Down, headed by Dr. David Kelly.

Basson tours the bio-weapons facilities in Iraq and Libya and
offers to share expertise.

Top Soviet bio-weapons scientist Vladimir Pasechnik defects to the West
and is de-briefed by Kelly. Pasechnik reveals a massive secret Soviet
bio-weapons program.

Gorbachev invites international inspections of Soviet bio-weapons
labs - Kelly heads the first scientific inspection team.

Following Gulf War Iraqi officials admit to UN inspectors they have
developed an extensive bio-weapons program.

South African Project Coast is dismantled at the end of apartheid
following Nelson Mandela's release. Bio-weapons stocks are said to have been dumped in the South Atlantic ocean.

Startling revelations about the full extent of Project Coast and the
role of "Doctor Death" Basson are made during Truth and Reconciliation
Commission hearings.

Dr. Larry Ford, a bio-weapons scientist with close ties to the CIA as
well as to Basson and Project Coast is found shot in the head at his home in California. A deadly arsenal of bio-weapons is discovered in his fridge.

Just after 9/11, anthrax laced letters are sent to the media and
leading political leaders, killing at least 5 - the first ever case of
bio-terrorism in the US.

Nov 2001
Former Soviet bio-scientist Pasechnik dies in unexplained
circumstances in Britain. The news of his death is immediately reported in
the United States but takes more than a week to be mentioned in Britain.

Nov 2001
Bio-weapons researcher Doctor Don Wiley dies in a mysterious
late night accident/suicide/homicide on a bridge in Memphis.

Jan 2002
A former Project Coast bio-weapons scientist together with a
former South African Army general make an offer to sell genetically modified super germs, including anthrax, developed by Project Coast to the United States.

May 2002
FBI names former US Army bio-weapons scientist Steven Hatfill as
prime suspect in the Anthrax attacks. He is repeatedly questioned but
never charged.

Sept 2002
General Tai Minnaar, one of the principles in the deal to sell
the stolen Project Coast microbes, dies suddenly in suspicious

March 2003
Coalition forces attack Iraq based in part on intelligence
claims of bio-weapons capability.

June 2003
Dr. David Kelly is named as a source of the leak within the
British government that claimed that Iraqi bio-weapons capability had
been "sexed up" by the Blair and Bush governments.

July 2003
Dr. David Kelly is found dead in the woods in Oxfordshire after
going missing while on a walk near his home.